Curious Audio LLC, based in Indiana, USA, hand-builds tube amplification products for musicians and music producers, with components that are carefully chosen to achieve the utmost sonic quality and character without being unrealistically expensive.

“The Curious Oddity”

Curious Audio began in 1995, as an idea for a small tube amp that could be a legitimately useful tool for recording musicians with space and loudness concerns. In 2008 the Audity One prototype (“#0”) was built, which was immediately put to rigorous use by Chad, in his work as a producer and musician. After years of using his Audity in studios and on stages (and countless people asking him to build one for them), Chad decided to give Jim a call to discuss the possibilities. A few weeks later, Curious Audio was an LLC.

Building tube amplifiers combines our passions for music, tube audio, and quality hand-built gear. We’d love to help you build your tone, so contact us with your inquiry, or customize your Audity online, and we can start building your amplifier!

The Curious Builders

Chad Corley was introduced to the world of tube amps in 1995 and has never recovered. In the ensuing years he’s repaired and modified scores of amplifiers, a useful skill alongside his endeavors as a songwriter, performer, and music producer, and as a founding member of the Sleep-ins and 128 Records. He is also a partner in Self Help International, a recording studio in Nashville, TN.

Jim Herrell began playing guitar at an early age, although beset with adversities. He was often mocked and disparaged as a left-handed freak, and could only manage to cobble together a plank with some utility wire strung up as an instrument. As a result of his struggles, he took up woodworking and eventually became a master craftsman. In 1995 he met Chad, who begrudgingly agreed to associate with him in exchange for his woodworking talents and amazingly chunky rhythm guitar playing capabilities, as long as they were never seen in public together. Jim also began building fine cabinetry under the psuedonym ‘Handhewn‘ in order to evade his dubious past.