With 8W of Class A, single-ended tube tone, a hand-built solid wood cabinet, and a made in USA Weber AlNiCo speaker, the Curious Audity One sounds great, looks cool, and has a ton of functionality for recording, including tone circuitry bypass for tracking bass or synths, a speaker off switch, and a transformer-balanced line out. It’s a recording amplifier for everywhere from your control room to your bedroom. Configure it how you want – choose custom colors and hardware to make it your own!

+ Choose Your Speaker *

Sig10A Straight cone: Warm, crunchy, early breakup, aggressive, compressed at high volume. Sig10A-S Ribbed cone: Brighter, smoother, later breakup, aggressive, compressed at high volume. 10A100 (+ $30) Straight cone: Warm, crunchy, early breakup, aggressive, compressed/fattened at high volume; vintage Tweed Jensen/Oxford style. 10A100T (+ $30) Ribbed cone: Bright, articulate, airy, later breakup, aggressive, compressed at high volume; vintage Tweed Jensen/Oxford style.

+ Choose Chassis Color *

Standard Colors Choose from Green, Red, Blue, White, Black, or Steel for no extra charge. Custom Colors Choose any of our custom colors for an extra charge. Currently available (click color name to view): Sea Foam Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Powder Blue, Dark Blue, Burgundy, Vintage White, Turquoise, Guava, Plum Wine, Grey. Please add custom color choice to your order note.

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These are the currently available cabinets. Solid Standard is whatever lumber we currently have in sufficient quantity. Stocks will vary. We do not offer nor can we guarantee the availability of any specific species of wood.

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Build Slots: 10Amps are built to order.
If number of build slots is zero we are back-ordered for more than 3 months.

If you order today, your amp will be built in October, and shipped out the first week of November.


An Amp For All Spaces

People create and record music everywhere these days – in small studios, apartments, even bedrooms. A lot of those places aren’t great for big amps; they take up a lot of space and only sound really good when you crank ’em up loud. Small amps have been used to great effect, in sessions by Jimi Hendrix, Brian May, Eric Clapton, and Frank Zappa, to get unquestionably distinctive guitar tones. The Audity One takes that idea, and tips it on its back – literally.

Made For Musicians. . .

Everything about this amplifier, from the tube placement to the power connector, was carefully considered to serve the purpose of creating a truly useful amplifier for just about any recording environment. It was designed to be able to lay on its back to enhance bass response and make it sound like a larger amp. Not a good time to make noise? Turn the speaker off, plug it into your audio interface via the transformer-balanced +4dBu line output, and keep playing till dawn. Plug headphones right in the line out jack if you want. It also comes with our Handy Footswitch™, which serves the same purpose as the footswitch without the foot part (or the cord part) – you plug it into the ‘fs’ jack and the tremolo effect comes on; pull it out and it’s off again.

. . .But Not Just For Guitars

The Audity is also an instrument tube preamp/DI. Use it in the studio to record bass, mono synths, re-amp tracks, run it as a tube overdrive effect, switch to unbalanced output and use the Audity to drive a bigger amp, and much more. Bypass the tone circuit for pure tube preamplification. Use it in small or medium-sized venues for guitar with the speaker on, or turn the speaker off and use the output as a tube DI for any instrument with line level output — just set the volume knob at 12 o’clock and go from there.

From Clean to Saturate

The normal channel on the Audity One will give you a range of tones from clean to tube overdriven. Switch on the ‘od’ channel – for overdrive – and get another level of gain entirely. Push past overdrive to distortion and even further into saturation, if that’s your thing. Mic it up, plug it into another amp and use it like a real tube overdrive pedal (or both) – perhaps you can see the endless amount of tonal choices you might have here.

The Most Important Part: Quality

Our amps are hand-built in Newburgh, Indiana, USA. Everything is wired point-to-point, using 1% tolerance metal film resistors and 5% tolerance Orange Drop® capacitors in the audio path. The cabinet is solid wood construction, loaded up with your choice from multiple styles of made in USA Weber 10″ AlNiCo speakers. The power supply transformer is custom wound to our exact specifications. The IEC connector that connects the AC plug has EMI and RF filtering built into it. We check the operating voltages and give every amp our 24-hour performance test before it leaves the shop.

You Want Orange Knobs? We Got Orange Knobs

Yes, you can customize the look of your Audity One, down to the knobs. Standard choices include multiple chassis colors, knob colors, jewel colors, and speaker cloth styles. There are also custom chassis colors available, and special edition cabinets that feature rare or reclaimed woods, and custom finishes.

An Amp You Can Roll With In More Ways Than One

The size of the Audity One Recording Amplifier makes it easy to transport to your next session. It also leaves you room to bring along more tubes and try some extreme tube rolling. Our custom wired power transformer makes it possible to try not just different brands of the same type of tube, but actual different tube types in the preamp, power tube, and rectifier socket. You can roll tubes until you dial in the exact tone and sensitivity you need. Instead of a 12AX7, dial back the gain with a 12AT7 or even 12AU7 in the preamp. Switch the 6BQ5 for a 8BQ5 as the power tube for a darker tone, or expand the headroom with a 7189. Our durable power supply works with current-production 6CA4 rectifier tubes (and of course new old stock 6CA4s and also 6V4s), so rectifier tubes are inexpensive and easy to find. All-in-all, the tonal possibilities are well beyond what you would normally expect from just about any instrument amplifier.

The Curious Audity One sounds great, looks cool, and has a ton of functionality. It’s a recording amplifier for everywhere from your control room to your bedroom.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 16 x 12 in
Tube Complement

[12AX7] – [12AX7] – [6BQ5] – [6CA4]
preamp* – tremolo – power* – rectifier*

* preamp, power, and rectifier tube substitutions:
Preamp [12AX7] – 12AU7, 12BH7, 12DW7, 12AY7, 6072, 12AT7, 6201, 12AZ7, 5751, 12AD7, & 12BZ7
Power [6BQ5] – 8BQ5 (XL84) or 7189
Rectifier [6CA4] – 6V4 (EZ80)


Front: (V) Volume, (T) Tone, (S) Tremolo Speed
Left Side: (SPK) Speaker on/off, (BAL) Line output balanced/unbalanced


All tube, single-ended (Class A), Solid-wood cabinet, Switchable gain modes, Transformer-balanced line out, Speaker off switch, Tone bypass, Custom wound power transformer, Tremolo